Tool prison sex lyrics youtube in Killeen

Remember Me. The real clincher for me is the verse "I've got my hands bound, my head down, my eyes closed. I think this is him turning into the abuser that his father was.

General Comment Okay, I guess the way I see this song is a lot simpler. Review: RIFF-it. What fucks my mind is that i cant decide whether of not this is a metaphor for him getting into sodomy as a result 4 degrees, stinkfist or if he for real raped a dude.

Not sure if I agree though. General Comment Also, he states in one interview how it is also about the cucle of abuse, the aspects of the constantly vitimized, and the about the tool prison sex lyrics youtube in Killeen of the perpetrator.

End of story. I need you to feel this. Remember Me. Makoe more so what he feels is justice Flag wolfecrew22 on April 26,

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Needs to feel power over someone else by raping them in order to feel happy. The following lines are the most important, I would say: Do unto others what has been done to you Do unto you now what has been done to me I've come round full circle.

Anyway, i think it can be interpreted on many levels just not a literal one and this tool prison sex lyrics youtube in Killeen mine. If you can't see what im getting at maybe its best i don't spell it out. What does Prison Sex mean? Probably was referred to as 'Jimmy' around this time.

Eyes closed blindly following.

During various points in the video the main character is confronted by a larger black humanoid who causes the doll to go catatonic. The abused grows up to become the abuser. It took so long to remember just what happened I was so young and vestal then It's not about "being butt-raped in prison.

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Tool prison sex lyrics youtube in Killeen

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