Male and female sex cells in a plant in Chula Vista

PP3,and V Glory U. Plant Patent PP23, has white to very faint pink bracts with a pink vein. Flowering shoots that appeared tetraploid were labeled, collected and propagated as described previously for vegetative cuttings. The field of the invention relates to horticulture, plant breeding and plant genetics.

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Community papers. On the rare occasion when a hybrid has been developed possessing some anthers, pollen viability is usually very low. These examples are not to be construed as limiting the scope of the invention in any manner beyond the limitations set forth in the appended claims.

Male and female sex cells in a plant in Chula Vista моему

The bracts subtending these cyathia surprisingly do not abscise. The technique of colchicine-induced polyploidization has been used since the 's. The chromsomes are stained with certain dyes that show a pattern of light and dark bands.

And now, surprisingly, they also have a role in reproduction of plants. The research was recently published in Science Express of the journal Science.

Support our journalism Send investigative tips Report a problem with this story. Researchers put male gametes in contact with the cytoplasm of female animal Bernuetz developed a low number of tetraploid poinsettia plants by treating poinsettia cuttings with roots in aqueous solutions of colchicine ranging from 0.

An interspecific backcross hybrid plant produced by the method of claim

Male and female sex cells in a plant in Chula Vista

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