Evidence for sex chromosome evolution in Seattle

In the following analysis, we masked regions with lower and higher coverage than cut-off values. Stratum two had a significantly lower d N than the other strata. C Significant QTL were found for hybrid courtship abnormality. The centromere paradox: stable inheritance with rapidly evolving DNA.

These results suggest that neo-sex chromosome formation may create a genomic location where mutations causing inter-species differences can accumulate, thereby promoting phenotypic divergence between incipient species.

First, the sequenced tree, Nisqually-1, is a female, and it showed highly divergent haplotypes in the sex determination region. Rowland, D. With these techniques, researchers have identified differences and similarities in sex chromosome content and organization across amniotes and have addressed evidence for sex chromosome evolution in Seattle regarding the frequency and direction of past changes.

Sex-chromosome turnovers: the hot-potato model. In contrast to theory, advances in empirical data have been enormous since the s thanks to the advent of genomic methods.

Evidence for sex chromosome evolution in Seattle

Smith, K. The techniques needed to detect sex chromosomes depend in part on the evolutionary history of the sex chromosome pair. Yang Z. Surprisingly, it was initially assumed that the Drosophila and human XY chromosomes are homologous [ 18 ].

  • To identify the processes shaping vertebrate sex chromosomes during the early stages of their evolution, it is necessary to study systems in which genetic sex determination was recently acquired. Previous cytogenetic studies suggested that threespine stickleback fish Gasterosteus aculeatus do not have a heteromorphic sex chromosome pair, although recent genetic studies found evidence of an XY genetic sex-determination system.
  • The Erythrinidae family Teleostei: Characiformes is a small Neotropical fish group with a wide distribution throughout South America, where Hoplias malabaricus corresponds to the most widespread and cytogenetically studied taxon.
  • Many different human cell lines, including both normal and cancer cells, appear to converge to a state that contains an unusual number of chromosomes when they are grown in culture.
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View at: Google Scholar. Therefore, incipient sex chromosomes should show regions of suppressed recombination with high levels of haplotype divergence. Marshall Graves, A. Through these assemblies, two classes of genes have been identified on highly degenerate and relatively old sex chromosomes.

Sayres MAW. We therefore recommend a greater focus on the role of ecology and demography in sex chromosome evolution.

Evidence for sex chromosome evolution in Seattle

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