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Chaban - 30 September 22:13

She is awesome...I want her!!

Klein - 16 September 05:03

She's too pretty to waist that cream. I'd ask to marry her so fast.
Gorgeous smile.

Russell - 8 March 21:17

Yeah, really it's too common to even care about. I just kinda assume everyone has it and go from there. And outbreaks aren't anything special either. really they just seem like abnormally painful pimples.

Dama - 20 August 14:26

good couple n nice fucking

Munstermann - 19 March 22:34

U are hot

Silvestre - 25 November 16:59

пиздища супер

Kolker - 28 March 09:42

If polyamory and the open communication it requires were the norm, I would have gladly accepted the first girl to ask me out, but only on the condition that she understood and accepted my greater affection for my first love. I considered her one of my best friends and did find her attractive. Some of the others who asked me out were sexually attractive too, but there was no further compatibility with them.)